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Resource 1 (eBook): Secret Codes to Land Your Dream Job (Price: ₦4,000)

    • Do you dread job hunting in today’s digital world?
    • Are you frustrated and confused about how to get a job in today’s digital world?
    • Discouraged by job boards where you send your résumé with no response?
    • Don’t know how to answer the winner-take-all question — Tell me about yourself

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to find a good job, get hired and jumpstart your career! It is the best eBook on finding your dream job in Nigeria and currently a “bestseller”.


Finding and landing your ideal job doesn’t happen by chance. You have to know the secrets of how to market yourself just like a brand to stand heads and shoulders above all other applicants.

In today’s digital world, that means learning to master the online application process and computerized resume review and matching system that rejects more than half of all applications before a human being actually sets eyes on your credentials. Then you need to know the soft skills that will allow you to get selected for and excel at the one-on-one interview process.

This step-by-step guide will teach you this unique set of skills to ensure you find a good job, get hired, and jumpstart your career – fast! You’ll also gain an insider’s view of what it takes to be the one person out of hundreds of applicants to receive the coveted offer.

Don’t apply for another job before your master and apply these priceless insights to ensure your job-hunting success. In this step-by-step guide, you will discover valuable insights and tactics including how to:

  • Use social media to build your personal brand
  • Employ the digital tools you need to simplify and supercharge your job search
  • Master the hiring process — understand what happens when you submit your résumé and job application
  • Know what employers look for and reject in a candidate
  • Create a powerful and irresistible résumé
  • Learn the secret to a winning cover letter
  • Get an internship and monetize it to enhance your job search
  • Craft your elevator pitch to secure a meeting
  • Network your way to your dream job
  • Penetrate the secret job market where more than half of all jobs are found
  • Prepare thoroughly to ace the interview
  • Answer the two key questions that will decide your fate
  • Negotiate the highest salary and best benefits
  • Position themselves as the best fit for the job
  • Identify and communicate their unique strengths, their “key selling points.”
  • Understand why employers ask many of the most common interview questions – and how to answer with confidence.
  • Succeed with video interviews, behavioral interviews, and panels.
  • Build an arsenal of success stories.
  • Ace every step – from the first screening to accepting the offer.

Your dream job is out there somewhere. This book will give you the tools and know-how to find where it is hidden, get your persuasive credentials into the right hands throughout the hiring process, help you successfully complete the various interviews, and negotiate a great employment package.

The eBook contains so much more than I’ll be able to include here. It’s fully loaded and worth every penny of your investment.

This career eBook is “a must have” eBook for every serious person in Nigeria and Africa who is serious about getting his/her dream job. In addition, it contains sample questions and answers including templates.  


Resources 2 (eBook): Irresistible Resume and Cover Letter Writing Secrets (Price: ₦3,000)

Build A Powerful and Irresistible Résumé and Cover Letters

A Step-by-Step Guide To Create A Persuasive Résumé That Will Land Your Dream Job

One of the most powerful tools in your job hunting toolbox is a strong and effective résumé. It will make or break your job search, so you must craft a strong, persuasive and enticing one. You want a résumé that HR will like, your future boss will be intrigued with, and the search engines and web crawlers will find and showcase.

It must be perfect in grammar and spelling, be pleasing to the reader’s eye, and formatted to draw the reader’s attention quickly to the important information.

It’s not just me. 61% of recruiters and 43 % of hiring managers will discard your résumé because of a single typo or misspelling.

According to, the average recruiter conducting a preliminary screening will spend just six seconds reviewing your résumé, so it’s important that the four key items he is looking for jump out immediately:

•Job titles
•Name of employers
•Start and end dates of employment

Relax, take a deep breath. If you follow our tips, your résumé will surely stand out, and you’ll get a callback. The next thing you need to worry about – the interview!



Resources 3 (Video): How to Develop Your Career Plan (Price: ₦7,000)

STRATEGIC STEPS TOWARD A SUCCESSFUL CAREER… This video is about career strategies and techniques to assist you on how to “play the career game.” It demystifies how one succeeds in their careers by changing their beliefs and attitudes about what is possible. All of us can have a clearer vision when we have a career game plan to guide us. the training present simple and practical material in a game or sports mode that will enable you to immediately take steps toward your career goals.

Inside the video are questions to help you focus on the steps to a successful career. The video is filled with real-life career success stories, which demonstrate the power of strategies and processes which enable us to be successful in whatever career endeavor we aspire. You will learn that true career success is built upon the same foundation as other games or sports where the objective is to win

This video will guide you into the career planning and help you get it perfectly right.  


Resources 4 (eBook): How to Ace Any Job Interview (Price: ₦4,000)

First impressions are never more important than when you’re interviewing for that dream job, college internship, or next step up the corporate ladder. But knowing how to present yourself, what information to share, and how to answer the tough questions doesn’t come easily to everyone.

That’s why Career Development Project created How to Ace Any Interview, an in-depth guide on how to provide to recruiters, HR departments, and potential bosses why you’re the right person for the job.

This book is designed to give you the secrets behind the crazy questions that will be throwing your way, how to respond with the right answers and body language, and how you can prove that you’re the perfect candidate with authentic and strategic responses that create an exciting, motivational interviewing process.

In How to How to Ace Any Interview you’ll learn exactly what it takes to be an eye-catching interviewee, as well as how to:

  • Think Quickly and Critically About Interview Questions
  • Showcase and Highlight Your Skills, Aptitudes, and Strengths
  • Carefully Avoid Pitfalls and Trap Questions
  • Navigate Structured and Behavioral Questions
  • Describe Yourself, Your Goals, and Your Passions
  • Explain Your Personal Strengths and Weakness
  • Handle Criticism, Deadlines, Milestones, and Targets
  • Present Your Desire to Work “There”
  • And So Much More!

If you’re looking for the best interview guide to help you with your next job interview or personal meeting, or you just want to ensure you create a strong first impression, How to Ace Any Interview will help you learn how to sell yourself and prove your worth to recruiters, show people why you’re the best person for the job, and give you the confidence to land the job or opportunity you want.

Be prepared for every out-of-the-box question, every intense 1-on-1, and stressful situation by picking up your own copy of How to Ace Any Interview today and be prepared to ace your next interview and be the candidate they’ve been looking to hire.


Resources 5 (Audio): Reinvent Your Career (Price: ₦5,000)

Get this copy of audiobook by expert career plannerThis guide is full of tips and advice for senior executive and professionals looking to take their career to the next level.

Nigeria has been discarding its Baby Boomer employees like yesterday’s newspaper. This audiobook is your secret weapon to avoid becoming one of the victims of illegal age discrimination depriving you of a meaningful and well-paid job in your prime earning period of life.

Learn the secrets to eradicate ageism, turning your decades of experience from a liability into an asset and mastering both soft and hard skills to become sought-after in the workplace for your experience, wisdom, reliability, and talents.

Learn to tech up to overcome your technology deficit and move from overqualified to in-demand. Learn how to erase a decade or more through easy-to-implement makeovers that help you look as young and vibrant as you feel. Master the art of networking to turn your many years of personal and professional relationships into a powerful network to drive your referrals and credentials to a whole new level. Explore a host of tips, techniques, strategies, and tactics to achieve meaningful employment for a corporation, a consulting firm, or even working for yourself.

This audiobook is your secret weapon to overcome age discrimination to become sought-after, relevant, and employable well into your 60s, 70s, and beyond!

This audiobook is made for you if you are:

  • Unemployed and wanting to get back into a well-paid salaried position
  • Employed and want to keep your job or get a better one
  • Wanting to work less but enjoy it more
  • Thinking about starting your own business to be your own boss
  • Exploring new ways to live and work in a fun and stimulating way

In this step-by-step guide, you will discover valuable insights and tactics including how to:

  • Communicate the 10 reasons companies should hire you instead of a millennial
  • Build your expert status as a mature professional
  • Shift-proof your career from unexpected job loss
  • Explore innovative work options for experienced pros
  • Eradicate 10 or more years from your appearance
  • And so much more!


Make payment through cash deposit, online transfer, or cheque to the account details below:-

Bank Name: First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
Account Name: Idobo I. P.
Account Number: 0089255017

Once you make the payment, send me an email to [] or take your phone and send SMS to – 08054035017 including

Your Full Name –
Your Email Address –.
Name of Material Paid for –

The moment we receive your SMS and confirm your payment online, the resources will be delivered into your email box within 10 minutes.